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If you are a current client and have a technical emergency, please contact your normal technician, email support@cinglenet.com, or phone Mark Burcham at 256-603-6582.

7734 Madison Blvd STE 105, HuntsvilleAL 35806

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We are located in the North building, bordering Slaughter Rd - entering through the right-most door, we are on the right of the hallway a few doors down.

NAVSEA Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) SeaPort-e contract holder CN: N00178-10-D-5949



CingleNET is a Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) SeaPort-e contract holder (contract number: N00178-10-D-5949) and responds to Task Orders awarded for executing work in some of the 22 functional areas including Engineering, Financial Management, and Program Management outlined in the contract for the Navy, Marine Corp, and other government agencies as required by Task Orders awarded. For more information on the SeaPort-e contract, please visit the NAVSEA page.



✫Guaranteed One-Hour Response Time

✫Non-Contracted or Contracted Support

✫Remote Backup and Data Protection

✫Cat5 Internet, Server, Workstation, and VPN Implementation

✫System Install and Repair

Instead of being a fixed-detail or fixed-rate service, we work with businesses to determine the most cost-efficient way to support them. We value our customer's time as much as we value our own.

We don't enter into third-party reseller agreements and this allows customers to tailor their networks as they see fit without being limited to using any particular brand or product. This keeps our suppliers competing for our business which results in lower prices for our customers across the board.

Cinglenet can provide you with unparalleled, quality IT service at an affordable cost, and whether you want a contract or not, you can call us for support at any time.

Mark Burcham, the owner of Cinglenet, is a UAH graduate with an Electrical Engineering degree. He has headed projects within the Avenger, THAAD, and SLS programs and has vast experience with large business, corporations, and the government that comes from his career in the Aerospace and Defense industry, but keeps small business close to heart ever since he started Cinglenet as his own.


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Immediate Service Provided by Cinglenet to Locations in Madison, Limestone, Morgan, Jackson, and Marshall Counties

- Government Agencies and Contractors

- Manufacturing Operations

- Clinical, Medical, and Hygeinic Operations

- Small Businesses in all Sectors

- Residencies

If you are outside our immediate service area, we can provide you with remote service.

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